World Alzheimer’s Day 2022: 5 ways to take care of Alzheimer’s patient at home

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World Alzheimer’s Day 2022: 5 ways to take care of Alzheimer’s patient at home

Alzheimer’s, It is a progressive disease that destroys brain cells and affects a person’s memory, thoughts, and behavior. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), as Alzheimer’s disease progresses, the patient’s symptoms worsen. The biggest problem with this is the caregivers of the patient.

What is Alzheimer’s and what are its symptoms? People who have mild or early stages of Alzheimer’s disease can do their own thing. During this phase, people may have difficulty concentrating or remembering recent events. They may forget some words or names. Although the symptoms are not so severe. Moderate Alzheimer’s disease includes memory loss, confusion, and physical symptoms. These include difficulty recognizing family members and close friends, trouble performing routine daily tasks, such as getting dressed, feeling restless or disturbed, wandering or getting lost, difficulty urinating, etc.

World Alzheimer’s Day 2022 is celebrated every year on 21 September. The purpose of celebrating this day is to promote awareness about the causes of Alzheimer’s disease and all the risks that come with it. this opportunity Dr. Archana Gupta, Senior Consultant at Karuna Hospital, Delhi Telling how a person can take care of an Alzheimer’s patient.

The most difficult is the last stage of Alzheimer’s

People in the late stages of Alzheimer’s disease need help with almost all of their basic daily activities, such as sitting, walking, and eating. During this phase, people may lose the ability to communicate. They may have difficulty chewing or swallowing.

create a routine

Caregivers can help someone feel more comfortable by establishing a consistent daily routine. Doing so can help increase a sense of belonging in that person. Caregivers should try to avoid making significant changes in routine, as this can be confusing for someone.

Make a complete plan of activities

Activities such as listening to music can help keep a person with Alzheimer’s engaged. Caregivers can place BGs on many tasks for in-home patients. For example cooking and baking, exercise, such as walking, stretching and light weight training, dancing, listening to music, playing a simple board game, household chores such as folding laundry and gardening, etc.

promote communication

Alzheimer’s disease can significantly affect a person’s ability to communicate with others. They may have difficulty interpreting or remembering specific words. They can also often lose their train of thought in the middle of a sentence. There are a number of things you can try, such as maintaining eye contact and smiling, asking only one question at a time, using the other person’s name, using open and relaxed body language, using a soft, calm voice. Speak together etc.

give them a nutritious diet

It’s important to help those with Alzheimer’s eaters and stay hydrated. People with Alzheimer’s may lose weight if they can’t remember when they last ate, forgot to cook, eat the same foods every day, not aware of food, lost the ability to smell and taste. Difficulty in chewing and swallowing etc. These things can make him weak and his health can deteriorate.

How to take care of Alzheimer’s patients

take care of cleanliness

Looking and feeling good helps in keeping a person healthy. The caregiver can help with the hygiene and grooming of the patient. There are things you can do for this like- brushing their teeth at the same time, helping them put on makeup if they usually wear it, encouraging a person to shave if they usually do, Keeping nails short, allowing extra time for dressing, etc.

Disclaimer: This article is for general information only. It cannot in any way be a substitute for any medicine or treatment. Always contact your doctor for more details.

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