Will Khomeini’s radical rule end and the world will witness a new moment?

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Will Khomeini’s radical rule end and the world will witness a new moment?

TehranThe ongoing protests against the hijab in Iran reminded the world of the historic moment that witnessed the fall of the Berlin Wall. The Berlin Wall had become a symbol of communism. This wall showed the world one face of capitalism. Now let’s talk about Iran where for some time there have been continuous demonstrations regarding hijab. Because of these demonstrations, this country has become the center of a new revolution. Maybe in the coming days a new history will be written here too. Here women are looking at the hijab as a reason that weakens their personality. At the same time, the hijab is also contrary to the principle of individualism.

Hijab snatches away identity
Iranian women believe that the hijab takes away their identity from them. She sees this as a conspiracy that pushes her towards discipline to such an extent that governments start questioning her. Hijabs have been lit for the fifth consecutive day in Sari, Iran. In Urmia, Piranshahr and Kermanshah, three protesters have also died, one of whom is a woman.

Even after this, women here do not want to back down. Women have become more furious after the death of Masha Amini. She is constantly protesting against the laws of hijab and raising her voice against moral policing. Hijab laws in Iran were also implemented only after a revolution. Now this law is in news only because of a revolution.

what does hijab law say
When the Islamic Revolution took place in Iran in 1979, a strict dress code was implemented for all women. Under this dress code, they were asked to cover their heads with hijab and wear loose clothes. They were forced to wear such clothes so that no part of their body could be seen in public places. The Moral Police here, which is called Gasht-e-Ershad, was entrusted with a big responsibility. She was given the responsibility to surround every woman who was not wearing a hijab and ask her the reason for it.

The responsibility was also put on the police to ensure that every woman came out in the ‘right’ clothes. Officers were given the power to stop non-compliant women and ask them why their hair is showing, their pants or overcoats too short or tight, or why they put on so much make-up ? In addition to paying a fine, a woman who did not follow the rules was punished with imprisonment or even with a cane.
Strong protest against girl’s death in Iran, women throw hijab, firing after anti-government slogans
The campaign has been going on since 2014
In the year 2014, Iranian women started sharing their photographs and videos that were against the laws of hijab. These women were actually part of an online protest campaign called ‘My Stealthy Freedom’. It was from here that the women of Iran got the power to raise their voice against the hijab. Many types of movements were launched in which ‘White Wednesday’ and ‘Girls of Revolution Street’ are the most important.

Men are also involved in the ongoing demonstrations in Iran. The deaths of 16- and 23-year-olds have proved that the hijab has become a mere symbol of radicalization in Iran. The brave women of Iran are neither tired nor are they feeling any kind of fear from this demonstration. Rather, she is raising her voice for her rights in a peaceful way every day. Young girls are drawing graffiti on the walls and writing Amini’s name.

Supreme Leader Khomeini silent
Women have now appealed to the countries of Europe to take over the government of Iran. Iranian women are scolding Western countries for allowing female representatives to attend diplomatic meetings with hijabs. The demonstration against the hijab is no less than history in Iran. Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khomeini in his first public speech on Wednesday refused to say anything on the entire protest.

He was addressing senior military leaders in Tehran. His speech was telecasted on state TV. But if the hijab law is abolished in Iran, then it will be a moment of freedom for millions of women, then the world will see another history being made.

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