What Will Happen To Pakistan Former PM Will He Be Arrested Or Not

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What Will Happen To Pakistan Former PM Will He Be Arrested Or Not

islamabadPakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chief and former Prime Minister Imran Khan has informed his team that the country’s coalition government can arrest him anytime. A warrant has been issued against Imran for his remarks against a woman judge. On this whole issue, Imran spoke openly in an interview given to a private news channel on Saturday. Imran, who lost power in April, is talking about holding fresh elections in the country and in this connection he is holding rallies continuously. In a similar rally, he had commented on the woman judge, after which his troubles have increased.

Said this to the team
Imran has informed his team that Shahbaz Sharif’s government can take him into custody at any time. According to Imran, the government will do this because it lacks morals and democratic values. Said in a special interview on Saturday that the only goal of the present government is to secure the stolen money. He claimed that people in the government were trying to get an NRO for the last three years. In a rally, Imran had threatened to arrest the country’s police officers to women judges after coming to the government. If Army Chief General Bajwa had obeyed one thing, then Pakistan’s former PM Imran Khan would have been saved from getting trapped, know the whole matter
demand for fresh elections
Imran said in this interview, ‘I do not want to lie nor can I speak the truth.’ Imran said this in response to a question which was related to the meeting held at Rashtrapati Bhavan. Imran said that he always believed that many things can be discussed. According to former PM Imran, the only goal of PTI is to bring the country out of the quagmire and this is possible only when there are free and fair elections in the country.

Imran said that the present government blackmailed the PTI government on FATF as they wanted an NRO from them. When he was in the opposition, his only demand was that elections should be held. Now that he is in power, he is running away from it. The former PM has termed Maryam Nawaz and the country’s foreign minister Bilawal Bhutto as novices who are in power with fools.
Shahbaz Sarkar, making secret relations with India, forgetting Kashmiris, Imran Khan’s poisonous words
The PTI chief also talked about the security of the PM residence. A few days ago an audio of Imran went viral. Since then there has been a ruckus in Pakistan. Imran feels that someone had tapped his conversation and the PM’s conversation is constantly being leaked. According to Imran, this is a case of big security lapse.

What did the minister say on the arrest warrant?
However, Imran’s claims have been rejected by the government. In the Shahbaz government, Home Minister Rana Sanaullah Khan said that the government will not take Imran into custody as a bailable warrant has been issued against him. It has been issued from a local court in Islamabad. Sanaullah said in Geo News’ ‘Naya Pakistan’ program that Imran’s arrest warrant had to be issued as he did not appear before the magistrate. After this the arrest warrant was issued by the judge. He said that this is a simple warrant which comes with bail. Sanaullah said that whatever Imran has done is an unforgivable crime

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