US Pakistan Biden Shehbaz News : Shehbaz Sharif First Meeting With US President Joe Biden In New York Photo May Upset Imran Khan

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US Pakistan Biden Shehbaz News : Shehbaz Sharif First Meeting With US President Joe Biden In New York Photo May Upset Imran Khan

New York/Islamabad : Pakistan Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif and US President Joe Biden met for the first time in the past. Shahbaz and Biden met each other for the first time during the United Nations General Assembly meeting in New York. The meeting is being described as informal. A picture of Shahbaz and Biden’s meeting has surfaced in which Biden, Shahbaz and America’s First Lady Jill Biden are seen. The joy of meeting Biden can be clearly seen on Shahbaz’s face in the picture. His smile is saying a lot which can be understood by either Shahbaz or former Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan.

The picture of Shahbaz standing with Biden is as pleasant for the present Pakistan government, as sad for Imran. While going from power, Imran was alleging that there was a foreign conspiracy behind snatching his chair by bringing a no-confidence motion. He was accusing the United States of America of removing him from power in a subdued manner. Imran alleged that America has punished him for his closeness with Russia. Even today, in his rallies, Imran addresses the Shahbaz government as an ‘imported’ government.

First meeting between Shahbaz-Biden, Imran was craving for a phone, know how America changed
Didn’t pick up Imran’s phone
There is another reason due to which Imran may feel chilly after seeing this picture. Imran Khan was the Prime Minister of Pakistan for three and a half years but after becoming the President, Biden did not talk to him even once. It is said that far from calling Imran, Biden never even picked up his phone. In such a situation, only a few months after becoming the Prime Minister, Shahbaz’s direct meeting with Biden says a lot. It is clear that America’s relations with the current Shahbaz government are better than the previous Imran government.

Pakistan and America closer than ever
If reports are to be believed, Biden had organized a reception on Wednesday for the leaders who came to attend the General Assembly meeting. During this, there was a meeting between Biden and Shahbaz Sharif. Before the meeting, Biden has sent a package for the F-16 fighter jet to Pakistan and millions of dollars in aid for the flood victims. In his speech, Biden has also referred to the devastating floods in Pakistan and called on the world to help.

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