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Movie Review: Dhokha – Round The Corner – Dhokha Movie Review in Hindi – Newsofthenet

The life of any suspense-thriller is the turn and twist of that film, but highlighting those turn-twists, if the story and characters are not taken care of, then the film does not become strong. The same happens with director Kuki Gulati’s film Dhokha: Round D Corner. Being a suspense-thriller, the film has many exciting ups and downs, but the story and the back story of the characters do not seem to be simple.

The story of ‘Cheat: Round the Corner’
The story begins on a very happy note, where husband Reality Sinha (R Madhavan) is enjoying romantic moments with his estranged wife Sanchi (Khushali Kumar), but soon their relationship turns sour and their marriage divorces. reaches the brink. One day a fierce fight ensues between the two and when Reality is returning home from work, he learns that his wife has been made hostess in his house by the dreaded terrorist Gul (Aparshakti Khurana). The police officer, who came to solve this terrorist attack, tells the truth to ACP Harishchandra Malik that his wife is suffering from mental illness. He reveals that Sanchi suffers from a disorder of personality disorder where she creates fantasies about reality and justifies them.

Sanchi, a prisoner of terrorist Gul in her own house, tells Gul that her husband, Reality, is having an affair with Sanchi’s psychologist and together they are giving her drugs to drive her insane. Similarly, the story proceeds with two versions of the characters and both the versions are contradictory. For example, the ACP says that Gul is a ruthless terrorist, but Gul tells Sanchi that he was a modest courier boy who came from Kashmir to earn money, but was framed as a terrorist by his uncle. Sanchi tries to take advantage of Gul by tying her in her infatuation, but Gul falls in love with her and in this affair he forgets his real purpose. Now who is telling the truth and who is lying, one has to watch the film.

‘Cheat: Round the Corner’ trailer

‘Dhoka: Round the Corner’ review
Director Kuki Gulati’s film does not impress much in the first half, but the story picks up pace after the interval. A large portion of the film is shot in one location, so many scenes feel repetitive. The different versions of the characters are interesting and help add to the suspense of the film, though the director should have put in some effort in developing the characters. The film’s childish flaws, such as Sanchi’s attempt to entice Gul in the very first meeting, Madhavan’s money arrangement scene in South Mumbai, etc. There is a lack of finesse in editing. Although the twist of the climax is interesting, it is predictable. The remix of ‘Tu Banke Hawa’ and ‘Jubi Jubi’ in Tanishk Bagchi’s music is captivating.

In the role of Gul, Aparshakti Khurana displays immense power in his acting. He has masterfully completed his role with a Kashmiri accent. As the debutante, Khushali plays a psychopath who is sensual and devious. She weighs in the moment, then proves to be Masha in the moment. Khushali has taken over this role. R Madhavan has been good, but a capable actor like him could have given a different color to the character. Darshan Kumaar’s arrogance in the role of a cop is very visible. The twist of the climax associated with him is interesting.

Why watch – Fans of suspense-thriller films can watch this film.

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