Mercedes CEO rides in auto rickshaw leaving crores of cars on the road, shares photo on social media

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Mercedes CEO rides in auto rickshaw leaving crores of cars on the road, shares photo on social media

New Delhi: Mercedes Benz has just recently launched its completely made electric car in India. Mercedes Benz cars are known for their luxury comfort. No matter how bad the road is, there is not even a shock inside the car of this company (Mercedes Benz). But just recently, the CEO of Mercedes company (Martin Schwenk the CEO of Mercedes Benz) left his car worth crores on the road and got into the auto. During this, he (Martin Schwenk the CEO of Mercedes Benz) also took a photo of the journey in the auto and shared it on social media. You must be wondering what happened after all that forced the CEO of Mercedes to sit in Auto. Let me tell you the whole story.

photo going viral on social media
In fact, on Thursday, Martin Schwenk, CEO of Mercedes-Benz India, was going to an event in Pune. During this his car got stuck in a jam. After this, he got down from the car to reach the event on time. Martin did the auto and reached the event. During this, sitting in the auto, he also took a photo and shared it on his Instagram. He wrote that he had to catch an auto rickshaw to reach his destination. He even walked for a few kilometers. Let us tell you that Mr Schwenk owns a Mercedes S-Class car. But this car worth crores of rupees could not save them from the jam. He wrote that “If your S-Class is stuck in traffic on the luxurious roads of Pune – what do you do? Maybe get out of the car, start walking for a few kilometers and then catch a rickshaw?”

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people liking the photo
People are sharing this photo a lot on social media. So far 1418 likes have come on this photo. A user wrote on the photo, “Well, you are lucky. Not everyone is lucky enough to find an autorickshaw driver who agrees to take you to your destination.” Another user wrote, “Or order some Vada Pav at the right location.” The third wrote, “I will still sit in the S-Class and enjoy the full comfort of it even with traffic.”

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