Kareena Kapoor, celebrating 42nd birthday, has defeated age, you can also adopt Kareena’s health secrets

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Kareena Kapoor, celebrating 42nd birthday, has defeated age, you can also adopt Kareena’s health secrets

Kareena Kapoor Khan is celebrating her 42nd birthday today. Kareena, popularly known as Bebo in the film industry, is known for her amazing acting. The amazing thing is that he is not only famous for his acting but also for his amazing fitness. It is Kareena who gave birth to the zero size figure.

Kareena takes full care of her fitness. She keeps sharing her videos related to her diet and fitness on Instagram. Kareena is a role model for many people in terms of fitness. People consider him as their role model and also want to be like him.

Even after two pregnancies, her figure is no less than a young girl and this is her biggest quality. In fact his weight loss journey has inspired everyone. People want to know what they eat to stay healthy and fit, what exercise they do and what is their diet and workout routine. Let us know the answers to all these questions.

Surprised everyone with zero size figure

In the year 2008, during the film ‘Tashan’, Kareena surprised everyone with her zero size figure. It is believed that to get a slim look, he had to lose 20 kg. Earlier his weight was 68 kg, which was 48 kg. To do this, he took the help of celebrity nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar. Some people believe that she did this by leaving food and drink, but Kareena has said many times that she worked very hard for this.

Didn’t give up even in pregnancy

Kareena Kapoor has always promoted her fitness and for this she is ready to do anything. It is said that even during her first pregnancy, she did not take much rest. The actress refused to take a break from work. From giving interviews to going on shoots and coming to events, he did it all. Curiously, nothing changed until during her second pregnancy.

How to reduce pregnancy weight

In ‘Kareena Kapoor Khan Pregnancy Bible’, Kareena talks about how she gained weight during pregnancy and how it helped her deal with it. He did not take tension about it, but found ways to deal with it. In this book, she also talks about motherhood fashion, food cravings during pregnancy and what kind of healthy diet she took with the help of Rujuta Diwekar.

kareena workout routine

If we talk about Kareena Kapoor’s workout routine, then she is seen doing yoga and Pilates. This helps them to lose extra weight. In today’s environment when fitness is often considered synonymous with arrogance, Kareena believes that fitness refers to how one feels about oneself.

kareena loves yoga

If at the age of 42, Kareena has a glowing face, thick long hair, a tremendous figure, then the biggest credit should be given to yoga itself. Kareena does yoga regularly and she also keeps sharing her videos among fans.

Kareena’s diet plan

Celebrity nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar told in the audiobook ‘Eating in the Age of Dieting’ that Kareena consumes nutritious food 60 to 90 minutes before exercise, definitely takes lemonade in the afternoon. He told that Kareena eats simple food at night. Dinner includes things like dal-rice-ghee or khichdi-curd or milky vegetable and jowar roti ghee.

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