For the first time in Pakistan ‘Mullah General’ became Army Chief, threat of Islamic fundamentalism, India should be alert

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For the first time in Pakistan ‘Mullah General’ became Army Chief, threat of Islamic fundamentalism, India should be alert

Islamabad: The Shehbaz Sharif government of Pakistan along with the current Army Chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa has posted a new Army Chief in the country. Shahbaz Sharif has appointed Lieutenant General Asim Munir, who exposed the corruption of Imran Khan’s wife Bushra Bibi, as the new army chief. It is probably for the first time in Pakistan, which was carved out of India in the name of Islam, that a person who is known as ‘Mullah General’ is holding the most powerful position in the country. Experts have advised India to be cautious of Islamic fundamentalism in the Pakistani army.

Actually, Aseem Munir has memorized the Quran completely and that is the reason why he is called Mullah General. According to Pakistani media, Aseem Munir had completely memorized the Quran while he was posted as a lieutenant colonel in Saudi Arabia. This is the reason why he is called Hafiz-e-Quran. Munir is considered very religiously fanatic. Ramanathan Kumar, former special secretary of the Indian intelligence agency RAW, who monitors the affairs of Pakistan, says that this is the first time that such an army chief has been made in Pakistan who is going to memorize the Quran completely. That’s why he can be called Mullah General.
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RAW officer Ramanathan Kumar said that there have been such military officers in Pakistan before who have been Hafiz-e-Quran but the Army Chief has happened for the first time. He said that Muslim fundamentalists are dominating in Pakistan. Earlier, Pakistan Army General Zahirul Islam had tried to overthrow Benazir Bhutto’s government with the help of many radicalized soldiers. He said that Hezb-e-Quran General Asim Munir may not promote fundamentalists but he can create an environment where Islamic extremism can be promoted within the army. Ramanathan said that in such a situation, India needs to be alert.

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The foundation of Pakistan was laid in the name of Islam. Pakistan is a stronghold of Islamic fundamentalists and there are many soldiers in the Pakistani army who belong to the Tablighi Jamaat. Apart from this, the Pakistan Army had given birth to another radical organization Tehreek-e-Labbaik at some point of time. Pakistan’s army considers itself as the army of Islam. It is said about the army of Pakistan that it fights for Allah and not for the country. Pakistan army has written this motto on its website. In this, it has been said to fight for Allah.
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Pakistan is passing through a period of instability due to Islamic extremism and terrorism. He says that Islam should be used in politics. Imran Khan talks about Riyasat-e-Madina to Pakistan. The founder of Pakistan, Mohammad Ali Jinnah wanted to make Pakistan a democratic country but the army did not allow this to happen. Pakistan has become a fanatic Islamic country which has become a factory of terrorists. According to experts, dictator General Zia-ul-Haq was the first to promote extremism in Pakistan’s army. General Zia promoted the policy of Islamization within the army. Through this, General Zia tried to dispose of Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, a very popular leader of Pakistan.
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General Zia-ul-Haq’s policies created a breed of officers and soldiers in the Pakistani army who wanted to advance an Islamic agenda within the army. Not only religious conversions but activities related to Deobandi and Wahhabism were allowed in the barracks of the Pakistan Army. Not only this, the soldiers of Pakistan Army were also allowed to participate in the activities of Tablighi Jamaat. This brought a new crop of strategists in the Pakistan Army who were equipped with Jihadi ideology and military plans. Pakistani soldiers were given war training based on Quran. He was told about Dar-ul-Islam and Dar-ul-Harb. In this way, General Zia completely radicalized the Pakistani army. The danger of this is now being expressed after General Munir becomes the Army Chief.

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