Chiyaan Vikram fiery speech about Indian Culture and Cholas goes viral Watch Video – When England was shrouded in darkness, India was shining

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Chiyaan Vikram fiery speech about Indian Culture and Cholas goes viral Watch Video – When England was shrouded in darkness, India was shining

South Indian film superstar Chiyan Vikram is playing the role of Aditya Karikalan in ‘Ponniyan Selvan Part 1’. The audience is eagerly waiting for this Mani Ratnam film. The advance booking of this film, which is releasing on 30th September, has started. The story of the film is on the kingdom of Chola dynasty. Meanwhile, the promotion of the film is also going on in full swing. In one such promotional event in Mumbai, Chiyan Vikram has given such a two-minute speech, which is being discussed everywhere. In his speech, Vikram referred to the glorious history of the Chola Empire and said that even when England and the rest of the country were shrouded in darkness, our India was shining. He also mentioned the Brihadeeswarar temple of Thanjavur during this period.

The video of this speech of Chiyaan Vikram is going viral on social media. Users say that this video is an eye-opener about Indian history to those who do not get tired of praising the development of countries like America and England. Vikram says in the video, ‘We all go to see the pyramids, see the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Someone said that we are praising a building which is not standing upright, which is falling, is inclined. We are excited to take selfies and photos there, whereas in our country there are such temples of antiquity, which did not even use plaster in their construction.

Brihadeshwara Temple is the only one of its kind
Talking about the Brihadeeswarar temple in Thanjavur, Vikram further said that a stone weighing several tons was brought to this temple without any crane or plaster tower on top. For this a six kilometer ramp was made. This temple has withstood six earthquakes so far. The Brihadeshwara temple that Vikram is talking about has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This is the only temple of its kind in the world made of granite. It is considered an example of Tamil architecture.

Here’s the viral clip of Vikram’s speech

‘We had a huge navy 500 years before Columbus’
Describing the achievements of Rajaraj Chozhan, Vikram said that the emperor built 5000 dams during his time, gave loans to people, ran free hospitals, conducted panchayat elections and named cities after women. He says, ‘It happened in the 9th century when our maritime power reached Bali and Malaysia. Imagine that until 500 years later, Columbus did not even discover America. We should be proud of how great our culture is. There is no such thing as North India or South India. We are Indians and we need to feel proud of it.

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