Chinese scientists recruited by Top American Nuclear Lab

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Chinese scientists recruited by Top American Nuclear Lab

WashingtonTension between America and China and President Joe Biden’s aggressive attitude on Taiwan is in front of the whole world. But in the midst of this the news that has come from the media is shocking. According to a report in American media, Chinese scientists are currently being hired by the Chinese government to work in a lab that is financially related to national security. However, this recruitment has taken place in the last two decades and many of these scientists are also working on advanced military technology.

Many scientists returned to China
NBC News, citing a private intelligence report, has said that America’s national security is at risk because of these scientists. In this report from Strider Technology, the Chinese government’s efforts have been mentioned under which it was to recruit Chinese scientists to Los Alamos National Laboratory in America. About 154 Chinese scientists are working in this lab.

It was in this lab that America first prepared its nuclear weapons. According to the report, many scientists were later recalled to China to help advance such technologies as deep-ground weapons, hypersonic missiles, quiet submarines and drones. These scientists were paid up to one million dollars by the Chinese government.
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Scientists are selected in the talent hunt
The Chinese government paid these scientists money through talent programs. These were programs that were designed to bring Chinese scientists back to China. Concerns have always been raised on such talent hunt programs from the US side. But if the officials are to be believed, there has never been any such report in which details like the names of particular scientists and projects have been given in detail.

According to Strider’s co-founder and reporter Greg Levesque, this talent transfer is the biggest threat to America’s national security. He said that China is playing a game for which America is not ready at all. According to them, now the time has really come when some step has to be taken.
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America’s security at risk
The former Los Olmos scientist was convicted in 2020 when he lied about joining a recruitment program in China. But whatever behavior is described in the report is legal. Not only this, American officials say that most of the Chinese scientists who come to America and then remain there, they have contributed a lot to America’s defense technology.

According to current and former US intelligence officers, Strider’s report is enough to explain how the Chinese government wants to create an army with the help of American technology through the talent recruitment program, which is the biggest threat to America’s security. . According to officials, the history of scientific exchanges between the two countries under the leadership of Chinese President Xi Jinping is being re-evaluated.

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