Biden On Russia Ukraine War : Russia Shamefully Violates UN Charter In Ukraine

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Biden On Russia Ukraine War : Russia Shamefully Violates UN Charter In Ukraine

New York : The war between Russia and Ukraine is going to complete its seven months. This long war has heightened tensions between Russia and the West. Russian President Vladimir Putin has repeatedly threatened the US and Western countries with nuclear attacks. Responding to Putin’s threats on Wednesday, US President Joe Biden said Russia has “shamefully violated the basic principles” of the UN Charter by engaging in a “brutal and needless” war with Ukraine. Earlier, Putin told the West in a threatening tone that Russia would do everything possible to defend its region and that it was not “blatant rhetoric”.

During his address to the United Nations, Biden strongly condemned the Russian attack, saying there are “heartbreaking” reports of Russia’s atrocities against civilians in Ukraine. He said the new threat from Russian President Vladimir Putin to attack Europe with nuclear weapons shows that Russia is irresponsibly flouting its provisions despite being a signatory to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT). ‘

An open pole of Russian patriotism! As soon as the deployment in the war was announced, fled the country, not getting flight tickets
‘We stand united against Russia’s attack’
Biden said, ‘We will stand united against Russia’s attack.’ The US President’s statement comes at a time when Putin has announced a partial deployment of three lakh reserve troops. Describing it as necessary, he said that Russia was fighting “the entire Western military machinery”. Putin said the expanded border line, continued shelling by Ukrainian forces along the Russian border and attacks on liberated areas required the withdrawal of troops from the reserve.

Largest military deployment since World War II
This is the first time since World War II that Russia is going to deploy such a large number of troops. His decision has stirred the whole world. Reservist is a person who is a member of ‘Military Reserve Force’. It is a civilian who is given military training and can be posted anywhere if needed. It does not provide services during peace time.

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