Archaeology News In Hindi : Archeologists Discover Gold And Silver Treasure With Human Remains Inside Ancient Tomb

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Archaeology News In Hindi : Archeologists Discover Gold And Silver Treasure With Human Remains Inside Ancient Tomb

Lima : In the South American country of Peru, archaeologists have discovered a 1300-year-old tomb during the excavation of a cemetery. Archaeologists were excavating in northern Lima when they found an ancient tomb from the Wari Kingdom. In this tomb have been found the remains of an ancient nobleman, who was called ‘Lord of Huarmey’. The tomb also houses the remains of six other people, some of whom were earlier buried elsewhere. The remains include four adults, possibly two males and two, and three juveniles. The Department of Archeology of the University of Warsaw has given information about this discovery.

According to the news of Live Science, all the remains were found buried with gold and silver ornaments in the tomb. Besides jewellery, bronze tools, knives, axes, baskets, woven cloth, raw material for making baskets, and articles of wood and leather have also been found. Archaeologists believe that those buried in the tomb were skilled craftsmen and members of the Wari elite. Similar remains have been found in ancient Egyptian tombs, buried with gold and silver ornaments.

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Remains of a nobleman of the Wari Empire found for the first time
We can call this part of the royal cemetery ‘The Gallery of Elite Craftsmen’, said Milos Gierz, an archaeologist at the University of Warsaw in Poland and who led the project. He said that for the first time we have found the tombs of male Wari nobles who were also very fine craftsmen and artists. Gierz’s team, most recently, discovered a tomb in February at the Wari Cemetery near Huarme Town in the Ankash region, some 250 km north of Lima.

The big tomb was discovered in 2012
According to the report, it is located at some distance from a large tomb which was discovered by Gierz and his wife in the year 2012. In this large tomb were found the remains of three noble women who were called ‘Wari Queens’. These queens were buried along with 58 others. Most of these women belonged to the aristocracy but some belonged to lower social classes and appear to have been sacrificed.

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