Ancient Shipwreck Discovered At Israel Maagan Michael 1200 Year Old Mediterranean Sea Byzantine Empire

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Ancient Shipwreck Discovered At Israel Maagan Michael 1200 Year Old Mediterranean Sea Byzantine Empire

The wreckage of an ancient ship that sunk 1,200 years ago has been found off the coast of Israel. This provides evidence that even after the conquest of Islam, traders from the West continued to come to Israel. This ship was loaded with goods from the Mediterranean Sea. The ship dates back to the Byzantine Empire. This was the period when the Christian Empire was losing its hold on the region and Islamic rule was spreading rapidly. “This suggests that trade with the rest of the Mediterranean continued despite religious divisions,” said Deborah Siwickel, a marine archaeologist at the University of Haifa.

The ship was 25 meters long


Deborah Siwickl continued, ‘The history books usually tell us that international commerce had almost completely stopped. There was no international trade from the Mediterranean Sea. We had small ships which were plying on the shore. But after this search it doesn’t seem so. Deborah says we have a big wreck of a ship. We think the original ship was 25 meters long and was loaded with goods from the ports of the Mediterranean. Artifacts found on the ship seem to date back to the 7th or 8th century AD. Which probably stopped at Cyprus, Egypt, Turkey or several North African ports.

sand and ship

The coast of Israel is full of sunken ships for many centuries. It is easier to study wrecks here than ships sunk elsewhere in the Mediterranean, as the sea here is shallow and the sandy bottom freezes over the artifacts to preserve them. According to the information, the sand was removed due to a storm and the sunken ship was visible. A piece of wood was spotted by two amateur divers in the Magan Michael area. When he tried to remove it, he did not remove it. After removing some sand, it was found that it was a ship, after which he informed the officials.

what was found on the ship

After eight excavations, Deborah Siwickel’s team discovered that it is 20 meters long and 5 meters wide. There was a wooden skeleton on this ship. About 1.5 meters of sand was cleaned through an underwater vacuum. Researchers have found more than 200 jugs filled with dishes from the Mediterranean, including fish sauce, olives, dates and figs. Ropes, wooden combs, skeletons of six rats have also been found on the ship.

Will keep the ship in front of the public

Civikel says that this work has to be done very carefully. If you miss a bit, any essential residue will draw the vacuum. Some things seem to be associated with the Byzantine Empire. There it is written in Arabic on some. The researchers hope that the ship will be put to the public after the discovery.

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