air india first jumbo jet arrived then it was palace in the sky its arrival story

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air india first jumbo jet arrived then it was palace in the sky its arrival story

New Delhi: This picture can confuse you in many ways. You may wonder what this girl dressed as a bride is doing? What restaurant or hotel is this eating and drinking going on? So, let me tell you this girl is neither a bride. Nor is this a party going on in a hotel or restaurant. This picture is from 1971. Inside the ‘Jumbo Jet’ of Air India. The girl who looks like a bride to you is actually an air hostess. Then Air India bought the first Boeing 747 aircraft. It was called ‘Jumbo Jet’. It was named after the great ruler of the Mauryan Empire, Ashoka. It was part of Air India’s fleet of luxury aircraft. It was then promoted as the ‘Palace in the Sky’. When the jumbo jet arrived in India, it made headlines. The date was April 19. Air India’s first Boeing 747 aircraft Emperor Ashoka was roaring in the sky of Bombay. People were screaming with excitement ‘Jumbo jet’ has arrived.

The Jumbo Jet was warmly received upon arrival in India. This came under the siege of two MiG aircraft of the Indian Air Force. It was 8.23 ​​am when it landed at Santa Cruz airport. Emperor Ashoka was received by the then Governor of Maharashtra, JRD Tata, the then Chairman of Air India, Air Marshal MS Chaturvedi, General Manager of Air India, besides a large number of people.

Awning was made for the reception
A canopy was erected to welcome the jet. It was brought by Captain de Bose. He had parked the jet right in front of this canopy. In its welcome, the priest then performed Ganesh Puja. The oldest employee of Air India started it by breaking a coconut.

Boeing had 707 aircraft available at that time. But, JRD Tata had ordered the expensive and very spacious 747 aircraft. Tata’s thought was that such facilities should be given to the passengers in the flight that they would not get in any other flight in the world. There was no profit or loss in this. Then only convenience, comfort and hobby were given importance.

Interior decoration was no less than the royal palace
The interior decoration of Jumbo was no less than a royal palace. There was a glimpse of India’s cultural heritage inside and outside the flight. It was decorated on the theme of texts like Mahabharata. It also had a glimpse of the life of Lord Krishna. Air hostess was seen in traditional attire on 747 planes. Being extremely spacious, the aircraft had a luxurious luxury feel. Special arrangements were made for food and drink in this flight. Passengers used to get all the delicious dishes from fruit juices to Indian style.

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